China and Cambodia

Cambodia Casinos Electricity and Chinese Tourists on the new Silk Road.

China is slowly infiltrating many sectors of life in ASEAN countries two good example are Cambodia's largest hydro-power project which already began producing electricity in December 2017.  Khmer girls working at night

Since Cambodia has not enough electric power it is a good idea that China helps and some of the electric power generated is exported to China. Here is much more about Cambodia travel.

Solar and wind power generation equipmentElectricity the other direction for small scale generation via Diesel Electric Generators from China  big and small with good prices plus prompt and experienced delivery. 

Chinese wind and solar power generation equipment. 

Solar energy in the mountains.

The map below show the location of one of the electric power generating station in Cambodia delivering electricity to China.


hunt for electricity
Chinese are heavy investing in building hydro-power dams in Cambodia & Laos and they also tried it in Myanmar but the government there stopped the latest power project because of environmental concerns. 

The picture on the right side show a different version of electricity hunt on the other side of the world.

Chinese money is also flowing into casino and entertainment nightlife investment. 

Sihanoukville Casino nightlife

Chinese tourists to Cambodia.

But most Chinese visitors to Cambodia have Sihanoukville and the beaches plus casinos of the south China Sea as holiday destination in mind. The holiday travel is overwhelming its somehow like Spain for German people. Chinese tourists like Cambodia beaches and casinos currently (2019) almost 100 casinos have been opened in the country they are almost totally dedicated to Chinese. They are overwhelming by the mass of people and purchasing power. Which is a similar phenomena in Mandalay Myanmar where about 2 million Chinese settled in the last 10 years (today 2019) with the effect that local Myanmar people can no longer afford to life in the center of the center of Mandalay.
Chinese and Cambodia.

The top beach in Cambodia is Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville.

silkroad nightlife

The most interesting casino in Cambodia is in the Bokor National Park.

A tighter economical integration between China and Cambodia.

The Chinese are ready to continue the integration with Cambodia and expand to the other ASEAN countries. In 2019 a five-year plan was presented in Shanghai for greater economic (including rough jade sale from Myanmar and financial integration between the southern Chinese province of Guangxi and Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and Beijing's recent consideration for international use represents the yuan.

The Chinese State Council has approved that Guangxi, which is adjacent to Vietnam should function as a finance portal between ASEAN and China which is after all the second-largest economy to expand. This was published on the People's Bank of China (PBOC) website. The goal of the plan is to promote the use of the Yuean in Asean with a facilitation of cross-border trade and currency transactions plus investment and financing in the Chinese currency are planned as it is clearly visible there is something going on at the new silk road.

The plan, which extends to the end of 2023 has been co-published by 13 Chinese government agencies including the Central Bank of Foreign Exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission plus the Ministry of Finance. In particular, China will expand the use of yuan in commodity trading with ASEAN to support yuan-denominated loans for projects in the region and seek to build offshore yuan markets and promote cross-border financial investment.

Nightlife and recreational tourism. 

Nightlife in Phnom Penh
Nightlife at Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh

At the moment everything indicates that cambodia for the upcoming decade will probably fulfill two functions for china, first, a raw material supplier in this case electric energy and tourism because except for the beaches on the southern sea plus the Monomente Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom and a few other smaller destinations such as Phnom Chisor south of Phnom Penh. 

This is the capital which is made to act as nightlife and holiday destination because everything is there including the pretty Khmer girls who are already in the capital today. The women work in the textile factories in the environment and the others in the vibrant nightlife of the capital. Until today it has been possible to keep the nightlife with young women out of Siem Reap but that will change because fast money is seductive and the Chinese tourists coming over the silk road have the money and are therefore welcome.

 bokor national parkCambodia beaches at Sihanoukville

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